Smoked Rakomelo of the Mountains

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 Smoked Rakomelo of the Mountains

It first appeared in Crete and was the “warm up” for the mountain people. They mixed the raki, that although it is the same spirit it is either called tsipouro or raki, with honey that was plenty and was of excellent quality.

Within they put cinnamon, a little dried orange peel and “boiled” it. I will never forget my trip to Crete, snow all around and the grandfather of my friend who “persuaded” me to try … Because I was a guest of the family, according to the tradition he “smoked” the glass with cinnamon. A culinary experience which “wrote” to the palate and in my memory. Try it hot and you will remember me … “Only those who don’t know drink cold rakomelo” the Cretans said and laughed … We use our own raki and wonderful flower honey … with good company, the fireplace lit … and praise God!rakomelo_dhmhtsanas_2



By Stavros Koustenis, Executive chef



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