Steamy Mussels of Thessaloniki

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Steamy Mussels of Thessaloniki

Easy and delicious tasting with fresh mussels from our place…

Summer fish delicacies that I enjoyed in one of my gastronomic escapes with my friend Eleni Antoniadou on my recent trip to Thessaloniki. She took me to her favorite places, but next time I will take her to my own favorite place in Thessaloniki, which is Agioli, to enjoy the tasty creations in the sunset of Thermaikos.

However, I loved the mussels like all the other fish delicacies of the well known fish tavern in Nea Krini of Thessaloniki.


They trusted us with the recipe and we shared it with you.

From the famous tavern “Peri Ixthuon”, Nea Krini Thessaloniki

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