Tarte tatin

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The magnificent apple pie


Its a favorite sweet creation that has its own history. A sweet that “born” accidentally by a mistake…. Tatin sisters, owners of the homonym hotel at Paristarta_taten_1 at 1880, in their effort to make an excellent apple pie for the “future husband” of the youngest sister burnt the apples that had placed on top and they caramelized…. but they excite their guests. So the upside down apple pie established and the sisters became popular. Indeed it is said that it they covered the apple pie with the almond fillet in their attempt to cover their mistake.

We prepared you both of the versions with the award winning executive chef Nana Gaboura.

Tarte tatin

By Nana Gaboura executive chef of the “Mom Ann’s kitchen” restaurant at Servia, Kozani area.

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