Two homemade gyros recipes and ouzo touches

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Two homemade gyros recipes and ouzo touches

Ouzo elevates our flavors…

Ouzo and tsipouro give the food a special touch, aroma and taste. Ouzo is usually drunk cool and with good company… The distiller Nikos Katsaros when we asked him to tell us what is the ideal way to drink ouzo or tsipouro. He laughed and said “with good company” and added “we can drink it with cold water but also ice…” answering my question whether it is right or wrong to put ice since there is a belief that ouzo “loses”… Of course those who they know how to drink ίζουν they usually drink it plain either ouzo or tsipouro.

We asked our friend the award-winning Chef Vangelis Koumbiadis to prepare two different recipes with round home covering all tastes, with chicken and brisket, which are easily made at home with the best ingredients. In fact, he marinated the chicken and pork brisket with ouzo, but also in cooking he “extinguished” the round with ouzo, giving a special taste to our food.

Chicken gyros with touches of ouzo
By Vangelis Koumbiadis, Chef

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