Watermelon spoon sweet

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Watermelon spoon sweet

An authentic summer sweet I enjoyed in Fourka, Chalkidiki, last summer at the “Takis” fish tavern.

It was the sweet aftertaste after a meal with sea flavors of the best quality that really impressed me.

At a table hidden in the salt-trees, gazing at the deep blue of the sea, I enjoyed the sweet made by Vicky, which had a summer authentic note.

The truth is that I keep in a safe place the jar with the sweet that Vicky has given me.


Fourka Chalkidikis –beach


The recipe is yours …

Watermelon spoon sweet

By Vicky Ierosiotis, of the Fish Tavern “Takis” in Fourka, Chalkidiki

Published by Sissy Nika also at Emvolos.gr





    Step 1

    We take the watermelon peel, remove the green part and leave if we only want a little red part from the watermelon core.

    Step 2

    We cut it into small pieces, depending on how thin we want it to be, and in a bowl of water that covers the watermelon we drop the peel and the sour.

    Step 3

    We mix and leave it at least 2 hours.

    Step 4

    We pour a glass of water into the pot and the sugar and we let it boil a little while stirring until the sugar melts.

    Step 5

    We remove the watermelon from the bowl and pour it into the boiling water.

    Step 6

    Let it simmer for 1 hour and when it just starts to "thicken" put the lemon juice and the leaves of the apple geranium or vanilla.

    Step 7

    Afterwards, we take out the leaves because the sweet has already got the aromas.

    Step 8

    We put the sweet in sterile jars and "hide" them in a dark and cool place to have a "summer note" in our kitchen also in the winter.

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