The secrets for a perfect kokoretsi


The secrets for a perfect kokoretsi

Giorgos Lekkas is famous for his spits from Amfissa…the traditional Salona of Roumeli


We will use 1-2 livers and their intestines.

We wash them thoroughly, turn them upside down with a souvlaki stick and wash them with running water and vinegar.

We cut the heart, the lungs, the kidney, the liver and the sweetbread into small pieces and the suet in wipes. In a bowl we add plenty of salt, pepper and oregano and sprinkle the offal.

First we put a piece of fat on the spit. Then we impale the pieces of offal alternately: a piece of heart or lung or kidney, a piece of sweetbread or suet, then the liver, and then again suets or sweet bread and we continue the same procedure. The liver must have fat because it is very dry. In the end, you will put a thick piece of fat again to hold the offal attached and  you’re done.

After that, you begin to wrap the intestines crosswise from the top to the bottom, starting from the upper and lower edges of the spit as you do with the string of the kite and then turn them round.

The fire for the roasting on the spit should be strong at first and you have to place it just 10 points above the fire. Depending on the size, the kokoretsi needs at least 3 to 4 hours for roasting on moderate heat.

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