TasteDriver-Rentacar.com: Τips for your winter trips


A few tips to watch out about your car!

Autumn and winter are difficult seasons for drivers because there are alternating weather conditions with quite intense phenomena.

That is why there are some things we need to watch and control to feel safer for us and our car on the road. Below are the main things to look out for ..



1. Check our car for any “hangovers” from the summer months, paying close attention to the tires for any need of replacement.

2. Replacement and proper operation of wiper blades for good visibility in the rain and clear water for clear windshields from mud, dirt.

3. Replace the car battery before the arrival of cold weather.

4. Check and clean our headlights (lights) for better visibility as in the winter months the night is longer.

5. Have all the tools you need for any emergency e.g. snow chains, jack and keys, inflated spare, battery cables, well-equipped pharmacy, triangle, fire extinguisher, yellow jacket etc.




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