Tinos of Cyclades – Greek Easter

Tinos of Cyclades – Greek Easter

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tinos_churchOn the island of Panagia, Easter is an experience that tinos-flowersoffers unique memories. The sea breeze, the nature that celebrates, the feasts, the banquets, and the Divine Serenity lead you to praise God.

I spend Easter for first time in Tinos, invited by John Vidalis and I promised that I will come back soon… The memories, the pictures, the warm atmosphere that you feel overflowing from love imprinted in my memory. Nature celebrates its revival and we expect our inner resurrection.



I arrived on the island on Holy Thursday and after a short pilgrimage to Panagia, I followed my friends in the passage from the adorned Epitaphs. The tradition says that we cut flowers freely from the gardens. In the evening after the ceremony, we walk around the island and light the candles in the chapels …which are over a thousand.tinos_pasxa_(21)


In the morning of Holy Friday in Kardiani, which is the catholic village of Tinos, in the famous marble Orthodox church of Agia Triada with a panoramic view of Cyclades, with the endless blue color, the Epitaph walk passes through the cemetery which is in the marble quarry. The women in the church hall prepare the “Lunch of the Dead” together. The table has everything, from asoure, kolyvozoumi with nuts to chickpeas, fava, alifonia, salads, seafood risotto, raisin breads, buns…

Curiously, in Tinos Orthodoxs and Catholics celebrate Easter together. It is worth watching the ceremony at Panagia and follow the Epitaph walk in the port where the Epitaphs from 5 churches come together.

In Kalamia, opposite the Cross of the Tsigas Rock, the priests and the believers with the Epitaph and the hexapteryga get into the sea up to the throat, chanting blessings for the sailors and the fireworks start…


According to tradition so far, locals celebrate Resurrection and Easter in the Square or the yards of the island’s schools. Everyone is there, locals and visitors. The feast of Skalados is unique. It includes tsampounes, songs, balos and kantrilies… They cook the lamb overnight on the vineyard twigs, they make the pies with alifonia and myristic. The omelettes with sisyro smell great,  they slowly rotate kokoretsi on the spit playing with the fire, and the cheese pies with melichloro become pinching.  The Malvasia wine and the sun-dried black wine bring all together…even those who had old quarrels.






According to the tradition, the wooden trombones filled with gunpowder give a special colour to the feast.









Do not miss the “table of love and forgiveness” in Ktikado on Easter Monday, where everyone gathers in the hall next to the temple, and the priest reads all the names of the dead citizens since 1960 and then to be forgiven by all… They are offered a beef soup and the finest calf with french fries I’ve ever tried. On the table there are salads and delicious cheeses from Tinos.









The “Marantisma” in Volax, from the basket weavers that praise the Virgin Mary, on Easter Friday.











We recommend for staying

The Vincenzo Hotel in the heart of the city would make you feel like home with its amazing breakfasts.




Thalassaki beach in Ystronia, where local gastronomy meets the art.








For your sweets

You can go in the pastry shop Mpon, in Halaris and in Mesklie, for stinging pies, pastel, almond sweets and whatever else you want. Also, you could visit Agios Fokas for island flavors on the sea in Elia in Vrekastro. Another choice is the Pranzo restaurant on the beach, in the town Italian cuisine is glorious. It is one of the best Italian restaurants in Greece.










You should visit the Monastery of Holy Mary of the Angels in Kechrovouni to let your soul glory.

For Hotel Vincenzo click here

For the tavern Thalassaki the phone numbers are: 2283-031366 and 6974809436

For the Pranzo restaurant the phone numbers are: 2283026002

For the Elia tavern the phone numbers are: 2283-00041 and 6940065624

For the pastry shop Mpon the phone number is: 2283-025810

For the pastry shop Mesklie, the phone number is: 2283-022151

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