Video-Recipe: Pancakes

Savoury and sweet pancakes



For the mix

2 cups self raising flour 

2 cups fresh milk 

half cup butter melted 

half cup crystalline sugar 

2 eggs 

1 vaniline 

Sea salt



Method of preparation:

Pour the eggs, sugar, vaniline and salt and whisk them with the wire until they are dissolved. Add the milk and keep whisking the ingredients. Add the butter while whisking and pour the flour as well. Keep whisking until the batter is fully homogenised. In a non-stick pan, pour a bit of olive oil and heat well. Use a spoon or a cup according to the pancake size you’d prefer. Let them get a golden colour for 2 minutes on each side approximately. Place the pancakes on a platter and serve them as you’d like, sweet ones with honey, molasses, chocolate, peanut butter etc., either savoury ones with ham, turkey, cheese, corn, mayonnaise etc.

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Pancake με σοκολάταPancake με γαλοπούλα κασέρι

Pancakes savoury and sweet

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Pancakes,  basic recipe   

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