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Ancient Greek salad

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Ancient Greek salad
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Ancient Greek salad

From the wonderful restaurant Agioli

During the quarantine I reminisced my favorite restaurant in Thessaloniki. I am very happy that the restaurants were finally allowed to open and I can’t wait to go to Thessaloniki… Each of my visits to Agioli is a gastronomic experience. Their delicious creations are fresh, aromatic, nostalgic, made with excellent raw materials. Her philosophy is sentimental…

The view is breathtaking and the sunsets are epic, with the mythical Olympus in the background, the White Tower on the left and the port on the right. Thermaikos leans on the balconies of Agioli and the atmosphere is enchanting…

Epic sunset from the balconies of Agioli and in the background Olympus

Colors, aromas, sounds, flavors in a unique setting. Now if your mood wants tsipouro on the ground floor, it has in storte incredible appetizers by the sea… literally…

Let the days pass quickly to meet my friends in Agioli. My information tells me that the menu will be renewed like the wine cellar with the best choices of the Greek vineyard and the people there have taken care of our hygiene and safety.

Let us not forget that the joy of life is these rare moments of happiness that we will find in a place that evokes strong memories with our loved ones.


Ancient Greek salad

By Despina Andrali, owner of the famous restaurant Agioli, Thessaloniki



In a saucepan, we boil water with a little salt and let the broken oatmeal swell off the heat.


Once it swells, we drain the oatmeal in a colander and set it aside.


We wash the mesclun leaves and let them dry.


We grate the goat cheese on the grater


In a large bowl, we mix all the ingredients together and add the salt, pepper, walnut kernel, pomegranate, honey and olive oil, mixing lightly and serving in a salad bowl.


With a cool rose or white wine the salad is wonderful…


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