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Bread cheese from Prokopi

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Bread cheese from Prokopi


450 gr flour for bread
½ s. soup dry yeast
1 and ¼ cup lukewarm water
1 s.s sugar
½ s.s. salt
2 s. soup green olive oil
250 gr Feta cheese cut in small pieces with a fork
2 s. soup kefalotiri cheese
1 egg
  • Difficulty: Medium



         Bread cheese from Prokopi

      A tasteful bread

In every place of Evia, they are cooking bread cheese, which is very tasty.

We have found the authentic recipe from the famous bakery in N. Prokopi which is located outside of the church Agios Ioannis from Rosou. We decided to go for a picnic in Platanodasos which is located near in N. Prokopi and very close to a river. We grilled many foods such as souvlakia, bread cheese and many other treats.

After from this nice dinner , we went for a coffee and dessert in the beautiful Chalkida which is very close to Athens. Then we asked the recipe for the bread cheese so we can do it at home.

Bread cheese from Prokopi





In a ½ cup of water , we break the dry yeast. We add a little bit of flour and sugar and we mix them very well until we see it is like a slop.

30 minutes

We cover the mixture and we leave it in a warm place for 30 minutes until it starts to become bigger than before.
Next, in a bowl we sieve the flour and we make a puddle in the center.


In the puddle we put one egg, oil, salt and the mixture which contains the water with the dry yeast.


We start to mix our mixture until the dough becomes easy to press. If the dough it is not easy to press we add a little bit of flour.

2 hours

We cover the dough and we put it in a warm place for about 2 hours until it starts to rise and become double. We mix again our mixture and we put the kefalotiri cheese.


We create small or big pieces of bread.

1 hour

In every piece of bread we make a puddle in the center and we add the cheese and we close the breads again. In a pan we apply some oil in the bottom. We put the breads and start to press them with our hands. We leave them to rise for 1 hour.

35-40 minutes

We bake the breads in a pre warmed bakery in 190 o C for 35-40 minutes until the surface starts to be browned.


We take it out from the bakery and the bread cheeses are ready.

Sissy N.

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