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Ekmek with raspberry sauce

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Ekmek with raspberry sauce


For the kataifi
500 gr. kataifi sheet (filo)
200 gr. butter melted
500 ml fresh milk
500 ml milk cream 35% fat
100 gr. sugar
80 gr. corn flour
1 stick vanilla (optional)
For the kigie or else Italian merengue
250 gr. sugar
60 ml water
5 Egg whites
For the syrup
350 gr. sugar
220 ml water
50 gr. glucose
1 small Cinnamon stick
4-5 drops Lemon
For the raspberry sauce
85 gr. raspberry mush
100 gr. whole raspberries
40 ml water
50 gr. sugar
20 ml Lemon Juice
fresh mint leaves or speramint leaves for the finish
  • Difficulty: Medium


  • For the kataifi

  • For the kigie or else Italian merengue

  • For the syrup

  • For the raspberry sauce


Amazing flavour sprinkled with forest fruits


Ekmek is a famous sweet from the East. It’s a bit difficult to make but its really worth it.

I’ve tasted it in Constantinople with a sauce from forest fruits and its taste washes away the taste of ekmek that cloys you. The perfect harmony… We give you the full recipe and if you want instead of raspberries you can use any fruit you like such as quince according to season… or without fruits so it has its pure taste. Spyros prepared the recipe and you can enjoy it.


Ekmek with raspberry sauce

By Spyros Nakos executive chef




15 min.

For the raspberry sauce

In a pot we add all the ingredients except the whole raspberries and the mint leaves and boil them in low heat for 15 min. 3 min. before we take them off the fire we add the whole raspberries and let it simmer. Let it cool down.

30 min.

For the kataifi

We open the kataifi sheets (filo) with our fingers and lay them down in a buttered pan 4 cm thick. We melt the butter and with a ladle we pour it over the sheets (filo). We bake in a well preheated oven at 170°C for 30 min. until it gets a dark golden-yellow color.

4 min.

We add in a pot all the ingredients for the syrup and boil for 4 minutes in medium heat. We add lemon drops at the end. We remove the lemon peel and the cinnamon. We pour over the syrup on the kataifi sheets (filo) as they are hot while the syrup is lukewarm and then let it cool down.


For the cream

In a pot we add milk, milk cream and half of the sugar and boil in medium heat. If we want we add in the mixture of the pot a vanilla stick for more aroma and taste.


In a bowl we stir the corn flour with the rest of the sugar and add a little bit of the hot mixture of the pot so the corn flour and the sugar dissolves.


When the milk and the cream boils we add the mixture of corn flour and sugar inside and stir constantly until the cream thickens and start to bubble.

10 min.

We remove from heat and let it stand for 10 minutes so it cools down and then we brush it on top of the kataifi sheets (filo). We let the sweet aside and prepare the italian merengue.


We make the syrup with sugar and water.


We boil the syrup to 116°C - 118°C, if we don't have a thermometer we put a drop of the syrup on a spoon and if it keeps its shape without pouring over when we turn it sideways then its ready.


We stop boiling it at this temperature by diving the bottom of the pot in cold water. if we just take it off the heat the syrup will keep increasing its temperature.

3-4 hours

In a clean mixer bowl we add the egg whites and whisk it on high speed until they become firm and then add the syrup that has to be cold slowly and keep whisking. We lay down on top of the other cream of our sweet. We place the sweet in the fridge to get cold for 3-4 hours before we serve.


We sprinkle on the top a little grinned chocolate, we cut it in pieces and serve it in a plate with little raspberry sauce that we prepared.


We decorate with the mint leaves.

Sissy N.

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