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Kourabiedes from Mesologgi

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Kourabiedes from Mesologgi


700 γρ flour for all uses sifted
1 kg baking powder
300 gr cow butter in room temperature
200 gr milk butter in room temperature
400 gr powdered sugar
250 gr almonds roasted
1 tspn cinnamon
half tspn nutmeg Grated
1 Vanilines
Rose water
powdered sugar
  • Difficulty: Medium




The customary white baked sweet that stars in the events of holidays and friendly gatherings … It is the traditional sweet of Christmas and New Year’s Eve and it brings good luck. Indeed, it is said that the more almonds on the dough, the more lucky the house and the family will be … The good luck that brings has made it a tradition in several regions of Greece and it is offered in weddings and baptisms.

xristougenna,kourabies, κουραμπιέδες, κουραμπιέKourabiedes has its own story …

It is said to have first appeared in Persia in the 7th century, when sugar was spread to the region. But Lebanon lastly claims the preeminence . Also, kourabiedes are widespread except for Greece, also in Turkey and the Balkan countries, where they are offered at weddings, christenings and namedays. In some regions of Mikra Asia, they made kurabiedes totally white without powdering them. The καππαδοκίαCappadocians and especially the Carvalles were famous because the area had excellent butter and big and delicate almonds. When they arrived as refugees in Greece in 1924, they settled near Kavala and created the N.Karvali, so until now the most famous traditional kourabiedes are those of N. Karvali.

Similar cookies with kurabiedes, Polvoron are found in South America but also in Texas.

The name of the sweet comes from the Albanian word “kurabie” or “gurabie” either the Turkish word “kurabiye” or

the Arabic word “qurabiya” which means (kuru)dry and (biye)biscuit.

The all-white sweet, sipped in flower-water, sprinkled with sugar powder hides on the inside crispy almonds, of joy and welfare.

This Christmas we will make a tasty tour in Greece and our goal is to discover the most delicious recipe for Kourabie …

We also expect your own recipes …


Kourabiedes from Mesologgi,

From Katerina Xirou, the cook


15 '

In the mixer bin, beat the butter with the hazelnuts for 15 minutes until it is "softened".


Add the cinnamon with the nutmeg, baking powder, vanilla and coarsely diced almonds.


Pour the flour slowly and mix it with the ingredients until it gets uniform.


We shape kourabiedes in the shape we wish. We always shape them round and small.


We lay a parchment cooking paper on the baking pan and place kourabiedes in trays, leaving some distance between them.

15 '

Bake in a well preheated oven at 180 °C for 15 minutes until they get a golden colour.


Remove them from the oven and let them cool for at least 3 hours without covering them to keep crispy.


Sprinkle with a little water and let it dry.


Then we sprinkle them with powdered sugar until they are totally covered.
(If we do not like sugar, we can enjoy kurabiedes as buttermilk biscuits ...).

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